juicy girl是什么意思 juicy girl的中文翻译、读音、例句

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juicy girl是什么意思 juicy girl的中文翻译、读音、例句

juicy girl在中文中有"国语、娇儿"意思,还经常被翻译为爱到超载,发音是[juicygirl],juicy girl是一个英语名词,在《英汉新词词典》中,共找到86个与juicy girl相关释义和例句。

1. Once, there was this girl

翻译: Once, there was this girl 。

2. This is a juicy story, Francis.

3. i couldn't very well watch the show fm up there, now, could i, little girl?

4. There are juicy etails.

8. Don't fnt off with me, girl!

9. Ooh, i'd love to hear all the juicy details.

翻译:I'd love to hear all the juicy details.。

10. i love you, Adam! ♪ hey, good girl ♪

11. She's my girlfend, Juicy.

12. is it juicy? – No! No, keep-

13. Did you finish yo prayers, little girl?

14. ♪ Oh, i'm so fortunate To have you, girl ♪

15. And on top of it, the juicy salif.

翻译:还有在它上面, 一个榨汁机(juicy salif)。 。

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