charred是什么意思 charred的中文翻译、读音、例句

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charred是什么意思 charred的中文翻译、读音、例句


1. Well done. Charred to a crisp.

2. Yes, but... the charred remains in the car weren't Emile Leullet's.

翻译:是啊,但是... 车里烧焦的尸体却不是艾米尔・卢莱的。

3. Uh, on the floor there was a candle and the charred stump of a match.

4. On the charred bodies, luckily we found a passport.

5. A charred blood slide containing the blood of one Travis Marshall.

翻译:你说什么呢? 一块烧焦的血液切片 上面是Travis Marshall的血。

6. Got a charred cadaver for you.

7. Maknae, almost charred flesh!

8. Burnt incense scattered on the charred ground in front of the tomb.

9. What's a few charred pieces of furniture compared with that?

10. Meat until charred, bencong!

11. All the evidence will be there, Right down to the charred remains Of voss' ex-girlfriend.

12. A half-charred picture of....

13. Or at least the charred ruins?

14. no one was skilled in the culinary arts so the flesh was charred on the outside and bloody inside

15. Black soot from the detonated Black Hawk charred the wall of the animal pen.

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