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关于”写未来校园“英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Wte about the fute campus。以下是关于写未来校园四级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Wte about the fute campus

Any student looking for mance on campus is like a dog chasing its tail. When he catches it, he doesn't know what else to do, so he can only psue it. The cruelty of campus mance lies in that it often leads to such psuers only reaping regret fm it.

On the one hand, the conquest of campus mance is at best a far mate fruit. There are many people who fall into ideal love can hardly maintain their college life as before if they are not emotionally bankrupt. For example, their school work is beginning to lack attraction and it is difficult to focus on their homework as before, and those who try to seek waves fm time to time are hard to do Students who ench campus life are likely to dwn, while others who are forced to stay away fm campus have to give up the to get along with the opposite .

Strangely, the biggest winners are those who iore the temptation and keep psuing knowledge, becse their thirst for knowledge ges them to study harder to reach a new peak of excellence for many other students. Howr, the mantic encounter is the end, not the beginning, of their college life. It's time to wake up to what you're here for.

This is my advice to those who psue knowledge blindly. Unfortunately, those who stop to realize it often find it too late to go back to the golden age fm the beginning. So instead of trying to find mance, it's better to try to harvest happiness fm books or classes and try to do something in yo fute life Take pde in the things you may have lost many hos of happiness now, but you will keep a greater sense of happiness in yo hands, becse when their school shows their ideas in the beginning, you will find it difficult to end their campus love.

When they show their ideas, you will realize that yo fute fm the book will have the opportunity to realize yo not come.





Note: for this part, you can wte a composition about luxy consumption on campus in minutes. You should wte at least a few words according to the following outline (given in Chinese): according to a svey, in recent years, the monthly expendite of luxy consumption on university campus has increased rapidly. Many college students spend money like water.

They don't have the concept of frugality in their minds. They think that they are pgress It is natal to spend parents' money before enteng society. This luxy consumption is mainly csed by the following factors.

First, most students are the only child in the family. They are the apple of the family, so they will natally get care and pocket money. Secondly, with the impvement of living standards, parents can afford their children's higher expenses.

Thirdly, some students like to psue fashion and trend, which often needs money Campus love is also in my opinion, college students as a pe consumer, should learn to be thfty. We should not limit o spending on daily necessities and not buy anything we want regardless of the pce. The habit of frugality can us form correct values, which is conducive to o fute dlopment.





There will be many different schools in the fute. In today's schools, the use of international distance education will be very popular. Students will have free time to dlop their interests.

Teachers will no longer be very tired. We will also save a lot of money. Therefore, the president can pay attention to economic construction and make o Matthew stnger.




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