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关于”关爱老年人“英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Care for the elderly。以下是关于关爱老年人初中英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Care for the elderly

Recently, movies about the elderly happen to have magic, and then it's back to their age. It's very popular for old people to do all kinds of crazy things, and they've nr had a chance to do these movies to tell people that if they're given another chance, they'll do whatr they want, and I always hear my parents say that when they retire, in my opinion, they can do whatr they want Plan, enjoy life, when we are young, we should enjoy o moments and psue o dreams. It is good to carry out the plan when we are old.




In life, ryone should talk about love. Parents need their care. We should care.

But you nr think that the elderly also need o care. There is a good song: "huijiakan, go home and wash the dishes and chopsticks." the song "huijiakan" sings the feelings of the elderly, which can be seen in fnt of the children, but now it has become the expectation of the elderly. My home is far away Fm home, grandma and nt are very close, but nr went to grandma's home, Grandma lost his wife, a person spent at home, she took a stool ry day at the door, looking at the car coming and going, eyes are full of looking forward to o arval, so maybe she can make themselves to pieces, put their own pale hair a person dressed, full Her face is wnkled and wnkled.

Her hands are very ugh. Every time I see my grandmother, I find that she has . When I see my grandmother, she doesn't feel cold.

Every time I see my grandmother, she is overjoyed. The wnkles stretch out. People who are not the same as usual also bn the plate beside the plate, but she nr bns it.

So the food is so delicious that you don't say "ha ha" When my grandmother came home fm school last Fday, she heard my cry. She rushed upstairs and downstairs and stepped on the stairs. The sound of "Shhh" came out clearly.

Grandma opened the door and said to me happily: "come back fm school, I'm gry. Grandma will take you to buy something to eat." then, without waiting for my answer, she took my hand to the store After I went to pmary school, the grade increased year by year, and my grandmother became and estranged and emotional. I saw how much I didn't care about my grandmother.

Before, I would say hello to my grandmother, and my grandmother would greet me first. Now I am very humble, let alone me. Even my parents and nts have done things to accompany my grandmother.

I can see fm here: how lonely grandma is when people are When I asked my grandmother why she was so happy on the street, she just said, "becse of my grandson." my eyes were moist and I knew: maybe in order to take care of the elderly, I knew that my grandmother had sent us a gift, but I wanted my own children to spend time with my grandchildren. Yes, the elderly also need love in their life. No matter how busy they are, they should take time to see their parents, becse o parents treat us Bught to this world, love is rywhere.




Last Sunday we went to the old people's home. We set out early in the morning and bught them a lot of heating. We gave them a lot of books and fruit.

We talked to them happily and told them many interesting stoes. We them wash their clothes and clean their oms. We n teach them how to use comrs.

We were very happy, so when we had to say goodbye to them, they really didn't want us to go. They were very grateful to us. We were really moved by them.

Although we did little, it meant a lot to the elderly. So next time, if we had a chance, we would come to the school again, becse the school is holding an activity to let the students visit the new year Mai's grandfather's home. His grandmother had a teacher who said, "this is grandfather Zhou.

We immediately asked him for a few weeks. Then he told us some stoes. We listened attentively.

We all told us that he lived very well here. The government cared about the old people here and regarded it as their own home. After the end of the story, we made ry effort to each other An old man prepared snacks and fruits.

The old people were deeply moved. We all be to clean up with the of grandparents. We all had o own lives.

Some cleaned, some chatted with the old man, and we were warm in Chinese and Chinese. Every student was in full swing. We were too busy cleaning the old people's home, too clean and spotless, although we were already sweating But none of the students complained that they were tired or dirty.

On the way back, I knew that there were many poor people, no family members, homeless people and old people, but they were still free and happy to live together, becse they were the of the society. They had become a person who I was very grateful to those families that I had ed, so they were not old people, These less old people have a sense of social warmth.





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