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关于”理想生活方式“英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Ideal lifestyle。以下是关于理想生活方式xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Ideal lifestyle

In the forest extending fm the banks of the guden River in North Jutland, a long distance to the countryside, not far fm the clear stream, stands a huge dge. It passes thugh the woods like a wall. Not far fm the ver, stands a farmhouse.

Sunded by barren land, the sand is exposed among the barren ears of rye. Sral years have passed The people who live here cultivate these fields. They raise three sheep, a pig and o cattle.

In fact, they maintain well. They have enough life. Just like ordinary people, they are satiied with their own fate and n can raise o horses.

But there is a saying among the farmers in those places that the horse eats itself, that is, one of the things he eats and earns Many. In the summer, when he was farming, in the winter he made wooden shoes, and he had an assistant, a young man who knew as well as he did. He made wooden shoes by himself, which were both stng and light, and carved shoes and spoons in this way.

Therefore, no one can justly call JEP Jens and his poor little Yibu, a 7-year-old only child, sitting by and watching the workers, Or cutting wood. Sometimes he used his fingers instead of sticks. But one day, Ibrahimovic was very succesul in carving.

He made o pairs of wooden shoes out of o pieces of wood. He decided to give them to little Chstina as a gift.




In the Cathedral of skild, Denmark, there is a huge millstone. It was given to the famous Queen Margaret by the Swedish King Albert in the th centy. The queen suggested that she should use it to sharpen the needle, not the scepter.

She replied that she would use it on the blade of a soldier's sword. Without saying a word, she fought with Albert in a fierce battle and capted him. She put a fool's hat on him.

She rewarded his insult in other ways. Then she locked him in a stng cell. After six years of impsonment, Albert was released under very difficult conditions.




Henry David Thore, no matter how mean yo life is, welcome it, live it, don't run away fm it, call it an ugly name, it's not as bad as you are, it looks the poorest. When you are chest, the flt finder will find flts in heaven and love yo life, n though you are poor, there may be some happy, exciting, gloous moments, n in the workhouse, when the sun sets The light reflected fm the windows of the poor house was as bght as that fm the windows of the ch. The snow in fnt of the door melted as early as spng.

I can't see it, but a calm heart lives as contentedly there, and the mind is equally happy. In my opinion, the poor people in the town tend to live the most independent life in my opinion. No matter how great they are, they can accept without hesitation.

Most people think that they are beyond the support of the town, but they often do not earn their own living in dishonest ways, which should have been It's the disgraceful poverty, like the herb in the garden, like the sage. Don't worry about getting new things, whether it's clothes or fends. Change the old ones and retn to the oginal ones.

Don't change us. Change o clothes. Keep yo mind.




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