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Just as food is to the body and learning to the mind, o body gws and muscles are dloped. Similarly, if we eat enough nuttious food, we should keep on learning, maintain keen mental stren and expand o intelligence. Continuous learning pvides us with inexhstible fuel and pmotes us to impve o ability of reasoning, ysis and judent.

② in the information age, continuous learning is the most reliable way to keep pace with the times, and a reliable guarantee for success in uncertain times. Once learning stops, it is a common fallacy for botanists to think that school is the only place to acquire knowledge. On the contrary, learning should be one A nr-ending pcess, fm cradle to grave, the world changes rapidly.

Stopping learning for a few days will make a person lag behind. What's worse, the animal instinct hidden in o subconscious will become active, weaken o will to psue lofty ideals, weaken o determination to remove obstacles to success, and strangle o desire to psue perfect personality. Lack of learning will is inevitable The earth will lead to staation of thought, and n worse, it will become gid.

Therefore, in order to keep o spit young, we must regard learning as a lifelong career, which is the most reliable guarantee, becse it is an inexhstible fallacy AD, just like water to fish, books are also fuel for human beings. He has no idea of his own. He just imitates what others say.

What's worse, some people's lifestyles are totally wng. They waste money and time. What's worse, they don't realize their mistakes becse they beli that if a country wants to gw up fm school, there will be no ooth The way of learning.


正如食物之于身体,学习之于心灵①我们身体生长,肌肉发达,同样地,摄入足够营养食物,我们要不断学习,保持敏锐精神力量,扩展我们智力。不断学习为我们提供不竭燃料,推动我们提高推理、分析和判断能力②在时代,不断学习是与时俱进最可途径,在不确定时代里取得成可保证一旦学习停止,植物人就认为学校是获取知识唯一场所是一种常见谬论相反,学习应该是一个永无止境过程,从摇篮到坟墓,世界瞬息万变,停止学习几天会使一个人落后,更糟糕是,潜伏在我们潜意识深处动物能就会活跃起来,削弱我们追求崇高理想意志,削弱我们扫除成障碍决心,扼杀我们追求人格完善缺乏学习意志不可避免地会导致思想停滞,甚至更糟是,它僵化。因此,为了保持精神上年轻,我们必须把学习作为一种终身事业,这是一种最可保证,因为它是取之不尽、用之不竭谬论cn)①A是B,C是D AD,就像水对鱼一样,书对人类也是②燃料他自己没有想法,他只是鹦鹉学舌地模仿别人说话③甚至更糟是,有些人生活方式完全错误,他们浪费金钱和时间,甚至更糟是,他们没有意识到自己错误,因为他们相信,一个国家要从学校成长,就没有平坦学习之路。


Once, some mice lived in a farmhouse. They got together to talk about the cat in the farmhouse. We can't stay here too long.

The cat is ght beside us. She ate a lot of us. How can we not let it kill us? An old mouse said, "I have a good idea.

When she comes, we nr hear what she says. You say put a bell nd her neck. Then when she comes, we can hear what she says.

It's a good idea. Let's tie a bell to her before she catches us. Now we can run away before she catches us.

Just now the old mouse stood up and said, "yo plan is very good, but who can hang a bell nd her? All the little mice nd the cat's neck are silent and just look at each other.




You are my best fend who I have been with you for so long. You are sunhini yeuan. You nr give up yoself.

March forward. The power to move forward is in yo goal. Don't forget it.

I'm Alawi. I'm waiting for you to let us go to the world of pps. I want a sweet fairy.

I'm very happy that you send me with my heart. Happy heart, you share me All the happiness and sadness my other halsapivanchi has a happy day. Do you want a happy day? Please say: I am happy ry day.

Snoopy is always in the festival air full of colorful hopes, blessings and silent prayers. Fm the heart is an eternal song and eternal care. Pray for yo peace and happiness.

Every day, month and year let me We get together to play s. We are the hst fends. I have a very betiful fend who lovingly thinks about where the glory of human beings is.

I have such a fend. In adversity, yo fend knows that o fend's love is not just looking at the echoing eyes, but looking out. Today is a betiful and special day.

O best paper enses a ooth face, which is wtten in "all" "The adventes of Winnie bear" is a kind of happy mood. What is a fend? A soul lives in o bodies. Fendship is love without wings.

If I can get on the star, I will pull it down and for you. On the way, I think Locke meets yo happy bear. It's the best travel beeen ideali and reali.

Happy, art, confident and kind to others.




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