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关于”授课式讲课弊端“英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Disadvantages of lecting。以下是关于授课式讲课弊端专八英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Disadvantages of lecting

A fend of mine complained to me about the relationship beeen him and the pfessor. He said that the distance beeen the students and the Department was very far. This is not spsing.

Becse of the enllment expansion of college students, many universities can not find enough teachers. It is very common that dreds of students are cwded in a class to listen to pfessors' lectes. They seldom have enough time for pvate communication, just me In other words, there are many shortcomings in large class learning.

Large class learning is not conducive to the dlopment of students' ctical thinking. University education is still elite education. Therefore, the quality of graduates is very important.

They need to be able to find a decent job in the job . The formation and dlopment of these qualities are completed. Most of the time, in the classom, pfessors play a crucial le.

In the pcess of shaping the soul of students, large class learning is unable to complete such tasks. Once students study in large classes, they may become very lazy, or n play truant like pfessors. They may not have so much time to talk with students becse There are too many for them, which may lead to the second disadvantage of large class learning: the oginal gap and distance beeen the o sides.

The university campus is a place where pfessors and students enjoy the fun of research and the psuit of truth. Howr, they can work together to contbute to the academic pspety. In fact, students often feel disconnected fm their pfessors, and students can not find tutors when they need them 。 The last disadvantage of large class learning is that the whole education may become worse or n worse.

Large class learning may lead to the commercialization of education, which will be a very seous pblem. The disadvantages of large class chemistry study oueigh the advantages. It will affect the quality of graduates and the whole education cse.

The effective mease to solve this pblem is to limit the enllment of college students and make the national education better Land dlopment.




Some students like teachers to give lectes in class (do all the conversation) other students like students to do some talking class. What kind of class do you like? Give specific reasons and details to support yo choice. In China, lecte is the most common .

It is my favote one. There are three reasons: I am used to the speech , which is an effective Nr dare to speak in class, I have heard the teacher's words, they came into the classom, opened the textbook, be to lecte. We students sit quietly on the desk and take notes.

We nr ask questions becse we don't want to look stupid at the end of the cose. If we can repeat what the teacher said in class in the exam, we will get a good score. The lecte is an efficient one.

The teacher is a person who knows the subject, not the student. This is a waste of time listening to a student's idea. What good will it be for me I hope the teacher can give me as much information as possible in class.

Even if we can talk in class, I will nr speak. I am too shy. I will be afraid that other students will lgh at me and make fun of me.

I prefer to listen to the teacher and remember the teacher's ideas. I hope I can always study in a school where they use the lecte . I think it's better to continue to study.

I also think there is a lot of information that I have to learn in the most effective way. I don't want to interrupt the teacher with my stupid questions.





D instruction: for this part, you can wte a composition about this topic in a few minutes: lecte or discussion. You should at least wte down some words in Chinese lectes and discussions according to the outline below. There is a heated debate about the le of lectes and discussions in class.

Some people think that lectes can students learn faster. On the contrary, others think that discussion can stimulate students' self-study. Those who hold the first view suggest that students should listen to lectes.

Thugh lectes, teachers can students the knowledge they have learned and researched over the years. Howr, some people think that in the discussion, teachers usually guide students rather than dominate them. They think that to participate in discussions, students must cultivate their ability to yze pblems independently.

In my opinion, first of all, I stand on the side of o views. Either method has its disadvantages. Third, in science teaching, lectes are important than discussions, while in humanities teaching, discussion is better than lectes.

Therefore, we should adopt different teaching methods according to different disciplines.





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