leaps是什么意思 leaps的中文翻译、读音、例句

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leaps是什么意思 leaps的中文翻译、读音、例句


1. Squirrels added staccato crunch notes with their arced leaps.

2. The drunken politician leaps

3. Human beings are remarkable at taking trust leaps.

4. Why don't they pduce leaps?

5. "Valentin came on in leaps and bounds.

6. Can't blame the stick if the toad leaps on it.

7. But ry few dred millennia evolution leaps forward.

8. Capcorn, the goat. He leaps, divine!

9. On his way, the rabbit leaps, with his feet together

10. We make assumptions and flty leaps of logic.

11. You gw leaps and bounds with the advice he gives.

12. He... makes leaps of logic.

13. We're taking giant leaps here.

14. ♪ Every month petl leaps, diesel is on a ll

15. Her health has impved in leaps and bounds.


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