angelica rivera是什么意思 angelica rivera的中文翻译、读音、例句

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angelica rivera是什么意思 angelica rivera的中文翻译、读音、例句

angelica rivera在中文中有"标签"的意思,其中文解释还有"里维拉"的意思,读音为[angelicarivera],angelica rivera在英语中经常以名词形式出现,在《实用英语词典》中,共找到41个与angelica rivera相关的释义和例句。

1. i'm not Diego Rivera or something.

2. i'm looking for Angelica- Moore. Angelica Moore.

3. But for me, Angelica Fanshawe would still be mistress of this house.

翻译:Angelica Fanshawe would still be mistress of this house.。

翻译:You slept with Angelica? 哪有时间睡 你...。

5. What do you think of Rivera?

6. - Angelica called him Whispers.

7. Rivera has that repressive, compulsive thing.

8. This is Angelica, she's sitting her diploma this year.

9. Have some celebratory seitan at angelica kitchen?

10. Mariano Rivera, the closer?

11. Don Faustino Rivera was known as an annoyer of girls.

12. Now is the time to be free, Angelica.

13. Our main opposition is Victor Rivera.

14. But we need Rivera on board.

15. Are you a painter, too, Mrs. Rivera?

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