crabs是什么意思 crabs的中文翻译、读音、例句

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crabs是什么意思 crabs的中文翻译、读音、例句


1. " Water flees fleas" are not insects but copepods , a crustation crustacean like lobster lobsters and crabs crabs but extremely all.


2. Campbell, get d of the crabs.

3. Come Mama catch the crabs.

4. Crabs have been at her, by the look of it.

5. Alarm spreads amongst the crabs.

6. butthegoodnewsiswe have butthegoodnewsiswe have a lot of other crabs. A lot of other crabs.

7. Crabs are not the easiest of mouthfuls.

8. The crabs are here to lay their eggs.

9. - No, not like those crabs.

10. in this dark, the crabs come out in the thousands.

11. Any venereal disease? Crabs?

12. All ght, crabs, check up!

13. Chipped it while eating crabs.

14. You dirty little boy. Crabs!

15. Or crab chowder. if all you get is crabs, crabs, crabs, you must be in Maand.

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