mustang是什么意思 mustang的中文翻译、读音、例句

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mustang是什么意思 mustang的中文翻译、读音、例句



1. i have nothing against the Mustang,

2. This is the Mustang Jake...

3. ...of the worst Mustang r made!

5. You do know what a Mustang is, ght?

翻译:and my mom traded o paintings for a 16 Mustang.。

6. Even with a all engine, the Mustang is the fas.

7. - O Mustang is on the premises.

翻译:我们要找野马车就在那儿 {\3cH202020}O Mustang is on the premises.。

8. - This the guy with the Mustang?

9. They spotted an orange and black Mustang, Wisconsin plates

10. He is pe mustang, fend.

11. Copy that. in psuit of the silver Mustang.

12. Was that a Mustang i heard out there?

13. - Mustang, this is Maveck, requesting fly-by.

14. That cherry Mustang parked on main?

翻译:主道上停那辆红野马 {\cHFFFFFF}{\3cH111111}{\4cH111111}That cherry Mustang parked on main。

15. - A hose in a 14 Mustang.


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