ve是什么意思 ve的中文翻译、读音、例句

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ve是什么意思 ve的中文翻译、读音、例句


1. Tai-kam, you've really come

2. They must've planned for this.

翻译:They must've planned for this.。

3. i've thwn away, i've thwn away again

翻译:@ I've thwn away, I've thwn away again @。

翻译:- We've got all fo! - Yes, we've got all fo!。

5. Can we have a word? Well, i've got

6. Who would've thought killing Lilith would've been a bad thing?

翻译:who would've thought killing lilith would've bad day。

7. Please , OK, i've wnged to you

8. i've been shopping all day.

9. They've tied for the finish!

翻译:They've tied for the finish!。

10. This torch that i've found

翻译:This torch that I've found 。

11. - They've got no inspiration.

翻译:-They've got no inspiration.。

12. Not yet, but you would've.

13. No, i've just learnt of that

14. Trust me, i've been there.

15. ♪ i've forgiven myself For the mistakes i've made ♪

翻译:♪I've forgiven myself for mistakes I've made♪。

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