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关于”良好师生关系重要“英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The importance of good teacher student relationship。以下是关于良好师生关系重要高考英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The importance of good teacher student relationship

The next morning, I got up before sunse in October. Although in the wilderness and the woods, the sing of the sun seemed noble in the cold and warm sun, he lifted his shoulders heavily, cssed the gray mountains, swayed the lling highlands under his gaze, and the dew and fog fell under his eyes, climbed into the open place, and then lined up, took the skirt, and nestled skillfully The cks hang in the hidden corners of the grass, and the majestic lines of the mountains glide out one after another; the trees are stacked like the awakened mountains, solemn and solemn, the memory of the storm, the soft hands of tumn, as they already have, stained with gold, red and olive, and their joy in the sun is less important than that of their father to the bdegom. Howr, before the floating mark of the forest had disappeared, the joyful light suddenly leaped over the mountains and valleys, casting amber, blue and pple.

According to the scene they lit, there was a little bght red se. The ctain fluttered nd, dispelling the fear, dispersing the dark hooves, and rything moved forward on the wings of hope, pclaiming: "God is here ”So life and joy are comforted fm ry cuching depression, ry flower is comforted, buds and birds have a sense of floating about them, and God's eyes are all shining in the soft grace. Perhaps, in that eternal morning, when the cliffs and cracks no longer exist, the hills and valleys, and there is no great uncultivated ocean, all things will se, in the light of the father's face, for it itself is ascending.




Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs.

Wilson, Tracy Bolton Coffee) Susan Wilson, I went shopping, and I didn't come back until nd what time in the afternoon. I took away o books you asked me to retn to the city library at about what time this afternoon. Tracy called and said she couldn't see you at Bolton Cafe tomorw morning becse she had something important to deal with.

She felt that I'm very sorry, but she said you can arrange another time to meet. She hopes to call her as soon as you get home. She has told Susan about it.

Yos, Li Hua.




Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived alone in this world. Her father and mother died. She was so poor that she had no om to sleep in.

All she had was clothes she wore. She had nothing to eat except a all piece of bread given to her by someone. She was abandoned by the whole world, but hoped that God could her, so she left Open a home.

She had not gone far when she saw an old man sitting on the side of the ad. Oh, dear child, give me something to eat. I'm so gry, he told her.

The girl gave him a piece of bread without hesitation. When she went fther, she could not see the chch spire in her village. She met a child, who was only weang a shirt.

Please give me something to cover my head. I was so cold. The girl had pity on the child.

She took off her hat and gave it to him. After a while, she saw a child in the woods. She was weang only a vest and trembling.

She begged my dear girl with cold. I'm too cold. You didn't give me a little skirt.

The girl had only her vest and skirt, but she took off her skirt and gave it to the fzen child without hesitation, and then walked on. It was late and it was dark in the woods. Another child came up to her and asked me if I was too cold.

Didn't you put my vest on? The little girl thought it was dark in the woods and no one would see me. It doesn't matter if I'm not dressed. She takes off her vest and hands it to the child.

The girl stood there, without clothes, and the stars be to fall fm the sky. They were hard and shiny coins, although she had just given the vest to someone else, she realized that she had a new one, made of the finest fabc, much better than her own. So, holding her vest in both hands, she collected as many coins as she could.

Fm then on, she was ch and had no wores about her life.







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