fall out是什么意思 fall out的中文翻译、读音、例句

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fall out是什么意思 fall out的中文翻译、读音、例句

fall out在英语中代表"化、沉降物"意思,在英美地区还有"落下灰"意思,单词读音音标为[fallout],在英语中以名词出现较多,在《郎文当代初级英语辞典》中,共找到93个与fall out相关释义和例句。

1. Pretending to fall for me --

翻译:Pretending to fall for me...。

2. The uterus would fall out, literally fall out of the body.

3. Everything else will fall into place.

翻译:Everything else will fall into place.。

4. ♪ We refuse to let them fall ♪

翻译:♪ We refuse to let them fall ♪。

5. i'm not going to fall for it.

翻译:I'm not going to fall for it.。

6. Every time he does that, i fall in love with him.

7. You know, this city is unlike anything

8. Sequel coming out this fall!

9. The minor fall the major lift.

翻译:The minor fall the major lift。

10. You will fail, and humanity will fall.

11. Seously? i went to bed at midnight, didn't fall asleep.

12. Oh, yeah, we went to the fall festival.

翻译:we went to the fall festival.。

13. Mothers fall out of windows, children fall out of mothers.

14. What makes the rain to fall

翻译:What makes the rain to fall 。

15. Somebody fall out a window?

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