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关于”人工智能利与弊“英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence。以下是关于人工智能利与弊六级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Huangshan is one of the top ten scenic spots in China. It is located in Huangshan City in the south of Anhui Pvince. Huangshan is known as the first famous mountain nd the sea becse it is located in Qiqi hot spng.

It is one of the fo famous Huangshan pines in the world. Some are standing on the left, some are coked or yang, some are pne, some are lush, some are weathered and rugged Tiezhu, one of the most stking is fenghuangsong. She grew up on the cliffs and lived in harsh conditions all the year und, forming a unique form.

Especially, the black tiger is loose, tall, powerful and covetous. It is a world-famous toust resort in Huangshan City. There are sonun hot spngs on the top of the mountain, which is really a piece of natal wonders.




The 2008 Olympic Games and I are getting closer and closer to us. We need to take actions fm now on to prepare for the competition. What we need to do most is to try to overcome o shortcomings and shortcomings as a high school student.

I can be a part of myself. Although I can't tn o city into a betiful place, I can Beijing in all ways to encoage o clasates and Zhou The people nd Beijing are following me. Let me take the envinment as an example.

The atmosphere nd Beijing is quite disappointing. Factoes and cars are constantly discharging waste gas into the air. We can hardly see the blue sky with o naked eyes becse the sky is covered with a thick layer of harmful substances.

To o delight, the sky is gray instead of blue. The government has passed some laws to ptect the air, so can we For example, when we go out for a long distance, de a bicycle or take a bus or subway instead of a taxi, you may not know at all. Of cose, it is not enough to rely on one person, but we can let people do it together.

In that case, the results may be than we expected. Another thing we need to work on is that o English skills teachers and parents often attach great importance to o English skills, especially listening and speaking. Now I want to be a volunteer to do translation.

I have to do something to impve my oral English. Rome can't be built in a day or o, so English can't be impved in one or o days. There is no shortcut to impve yo oral English.

The most effective way is to seize ry opportunity nd you and open yo mouth, for example, to participate in vaous English English competition is a good way. You can meet some excellent athletes. You can share my learning expeence and some good learning methods.

I will continue to participate in all English activities to impve my English ll. I beli that I will be able to English as skillfully as my mother tongue by the year of. I beli that the Beijing Olympic Games will be one of the most succesul Olympic Games in history.

O long cheshed wish will be Succesul realization.




Comrs are very useful, so many parents buy comrs for their children. They hope that comrs can them impve their academic performance. But some children don't do it according to their parents' requirements.

Becse they use comrs to the Internet and spend too much time playing comr s instead of learning, which is bad for their eyesight, their parents complain that comrs can't their children learn It also left them behind the comrs of many companies. Many people lost their jobs instead of workers, so many workers thought that comrs bught them a lot of tuble.




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